Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera

The benefits of aloe vera as a remedy
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 to nourish hair is not a myth, many studies that prove that the aloe vera plant in the mucus can help nourish and black hair, for hair drug process as you can simply cut up the mucus of aloe vera aloe vera out. The use of aloe vera mucus as shampoo

Coconut juice (coconut milk)

Other traditional herb is Coconut milk, coconut milk is beneficial to nourish the hair and make your hair more shiny and smooth, how to use coconut milk or let is soak your hair exposed to milk for about 15 minutes every day, use a towel so that the coconut milk in your hair is not lost (out) later rinse with water until clean

Coconut oil

Not only coconut milk (coconut juice) just that you can use as a cure hair growth but coconut oil can also help stimulate hair growth quickly, in addition to nourish hair, coconut oil also helps eliminate dandruff in the hair, its use is a car you can just wipe the oil oil on the surface of the scalp so that later absorbed into the hair roots and stimulate hair growth, let stand 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.


Yellow benefits as a natural remedy for hair growth is good, but it smells Amis makes egg yolk rarely used as a natural remedy hair growth when the nutrient content in the egg yolk can


nourish hair fast, how its use is averaged across the yolk end of your hair, let stand for 15 minutes then wash with shampoo (that smell amisnya quickly lost).

Urang leaf-aring (The aring) How to cope without drugs:
Avoid allergens material. Trigger food allergies usually shellfish, fish, eggs, and milk. In addition to food, allergens can be medicine or poison of the sting / insect bites. Meanwhile, if the cold or heat, so avoid for example are under exposure to sunlight, if you can not avoid using sun screen. As for the emotional factor, take care not to stress yourself.
If you want to try traditional medicine, drink 3 days in a row of green coconut water mixed with a little honey.

Plough Rotary / Rotating Knives

Plough Rotary / Rotating Knives

Plow rotary plow is composed of rotating knives . In contrast to the rotating disc plow pulled by a tractor , the plow is made from knives to hack installed on a rotating shaft due to be activated by a motor . The plow is found mainly in
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014the treatment of paddy land for rice.

There are three common types of rotary plow dipergunakam . The first type is called the type of pull with an additional machine ( pull auxiliary rotary engine ) . In this type there is a specific motor to move the plow , while the impulse viability pulled by a tractor (Figure 25 ) .

The second type is the type to pull the actuator PTO ( power take off driven pull Rotary Plow ) . This tool digandengkan with tandem tractor through three points ( three point hitch ) . To rotate the plow is used as power from the tractor PTO ( picture 26 ) .
The third type is the type rotary plow berpenggerak own garden ( garden type self propelled rotary Plow ) . This tool is available in two -wheel tractors . Rotary plow is driven by the driving force of the tractor via a chain or belt . It can also be directly mounted on axles, to till the ground while plow also serves as a catalyst ( picture 27 ) .

Figure 25 . Rotary plow Vertical Type

Figure 26 . Rotary Plough Pull Type PTO Berpenggerak

Figure 27. Rotary Plow Type Berpenggerak Own Garden

Video rotary plow operations

4 . Chisel plow
Trowel -shaped tool is arranged in a frame . Digunakann to break up hard soil to a depth of about 18 inches. Was equipped with 2 wheels that are useful for organizing transport and land subdivision depth . The distance between the trowel will vary from 1 to 2 inches. This tool , not flip plow land as the others, but just broke ground and is often used before plowing the soil begins (Figure 28 ) .

5 . Subsoil Plough

This tool is very similar to Chisel plow shape only larger and is used for the treatment of deeper soils . Using this tool can break ground at a depth of 20 to 36 inches .
This tool is also used to break up hard layers in the soil ( hardpan ) , or to improve soil drainage (Figure 29 ) .

Figure 28 . Chisel plow

Figure 29 . Subsoil Plough

Video operations vibrating sub soil

6 . Plough Monster
The tool according to its name , the form is very large and is used to turn the soil at a depth of 100 to 180 cm. By using this tool fertile soil in the ground come first taken up the ground. Singkal be shaped plow or disc plow .

The Land Processing Tools
Tillage both done after plowing. The second soil treatment , soil becomes loose and distribution , improved water governance , crop residues and plant bullies crushed and mixed with topsoil , sometimes diberilcan specific density on the surface, and may also be guludaa or grooves for planting .
The second tool cultivator tractor menggunakau forces among others : 1 ) scratch ( Harrow ) , 2 ) flattener and Cultivators (land roller and pulverizer ) , and 3 ) other devices .

1 . harrow

Several types of rakes are used in the treatment of second land is : a) the scratch plate (disk Harrow ) , b ) scratch palcu ( splice tooth Harrow ) , c ) rake spring ( spring tooth Harrow ) , d ) rotary harrow , and e ) specific harrow ( special Harrow ) . JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL
a. Garu dish .

Their composition can be applied before plowing to cutting the grass on the ground , to rnenghancurkan the ground up sections of land ( Furrow slice ) more relating to land policy . Also can be used for weeding , or to cover seed planted spread .

In general scratch plate divided as: 1 ) harrow pull type dish ( trailing disk Harrow ) , and 2 ) the type angiat scratch plate ( mounted disk Harrow ) .
Garu plate can have a single action ( single action) when the cut at the ground just throwing soil into one direction only . Can also have a stunt double (double action) when the plate is in front of the opposite polarity to the ground behind the throw . Figure 30 shows the scratch plate single action , whereas Figure 31 . show stunt double scratch plate .

Figure 30 . Garu Saucer Single Action

When the position of the plate in penggandengannya harrow tractor sideways , then rakes the rakes called offset .
Sections from scratch plate is : disk (disk ) , as ( gang / arbor bolt ) , frame ( frame) , bearings ( bearings ) , bumper , ballast box , and cleaner land ( scaper ) .

First come -sided flat plate or disc bergerigl jagged typically used on land that has a lot of crop residues . The typical size ranges from 45 to 60 cm, whereas for heavy duty ( heavy duty ) between 65 to 70 cm .
Plate mounted on a square-shaped as the distance between 15 to 22 cm, or 25 to 30 for their heavy duty and maing separated by gelondong ( spool ) .

Respectively as ( gang ) fastened to the frame via a standard that stood in the bearings. To improvise a light one as having two bearings , whereas the weight of more than two bearings .
At the end of the peace in the form of convex plate placed bumber eukup cast iron weight to add pressure to the samp ing .
When the scratch plate is not heavy enough to break ground , it can be added to the load placed on the ballast box
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To clear the land attached to the plate , usually every disc comes with land scraper ( scraper ) that attach to the frame .

General Purpose

General Purpose

The prima
Agen Bola Terpercayary goal of treatment is to create a land most suitable soil conditions for plant growth with efforts seminimun possible. For this purpose is often achieved by applying a cut and try a good way to expand or develop land treatment method or equipment design to improve existing soil processing .
In situations like this there is much knowledge ( knowledge ) about the treatment of the soil making it possible to predict the cost and processing results in a clear and efficient land . Knowledge is not easy but must be owned ( analysis). Similarly, the complex problems faced in the analysis of various disciplines should be involved more ( systematic ) . With this method could be developed to predict the type of process can occur or not , and can even predict information about the design process quantitatively ( prediction ) . Has published numerous research articles on soil processing tool , but in general the article is limited to one or a few types of devices and operating conditions of the land is limited to a few only.

Specific Purposes

Specific purpose of land treatment are as follows ( Kepner , et al , 1972 ) :

Creates soil structure required for seedbed or place sprouted seeds . Compact soil to be treated accelerating infiltration loose ah, better able to withstand rainfall improve aeration and facilitate the development of roots .
Increase the speed of infiltration will reduce run -off and reduce the risk of erosion .
Inhibit or kill plants attacker.
Embedding vegetation or rubbish which is located on the ground into the soil , so adding soil fertility.
Kill insects, larvae , or eggs of insects through changes of residence and the scorching sun .

Tillage is not only a leisure activity to produce crops, but also in connection with other activities such as seed dispersal ( planting seeds ) , fertilizer, crop protection and harvesting . This relation is very close to the purpose to be achieved in the treatment of soil is inseparable from the success of other activities. Tillage influence propagation and planting seeds. Tillage can also be done simultaneously with the adoption and were seen as a method of weed control .

Related to the history of the development of soil processing in purpose and method of soil treatment followed by developments in equipment design, both in terms of materials or design tools. Much evidence suggests that light wooden plows were used on a large scale in the area of the Euphrates and Nile Rivers around the year 3000 BC even be used as a driving force / pull farming equipment, prepare the soil for planting Barley, Wheat and other crops that were popular in that era . The plow used at that time is not on wheels or plows singkal used to turn the soil and make Furrow . Most of the equipment is not functioning break
Obat Pembesar Penis Vimaxground and to cover the seed . Example plow made ​​of wood from Egypt are shown in Figure 1 .

Figure 1 . Ancient wooden plow in Thebes , Egypt in 300 B.C.

More than 2000 years ago found a plow made ​​of steel produced in Honan north China . At the beginning of this tool in the form of a small device that is pulled by hand with a V-shaped metal plate connected wood or digandengkan with a knife and holding . During the first century BC , the buffalo used to haul soil processing equipment . Then successively developed a tool called the triple - shared Plow , Plow -and- Sow and rakes .

The plow was used also in India for thousands of years. Antiquated equipment and moldboard without wheels made ​​of hard wood ( hardwood wedge -shaped blocks ) are pulled by ox ( bullock ) . With this tool into the ground just broken but not flipped form clods , and the first treatment is then followed by a crushing ” clod ” and leveling the ground with a stick barupa shaped rectangle drawn by oxen .
Steel plow blade appeared in Rome in about 2000 years ago as a knife Coulter . At that time, still has not found a function singkal plow land flips . On heavy soils and hard , steel plow blade is pulled by teams of oxen ( oxen ) . There are reports stating that the plow is equipped with wheels found in northern Italy around the year 100 AD

A more complete tool , consisting of wheels, cutters and moldboard Coulter used in Europe in 1500 AD as shown in Figure 2 . This equipment can be used to turn the soil and make Furrow and kasuran seed.

Figure 2 . Two-wheeled plows with Coulter and moldboard , was found in the 16th century in Europe

In about 1830, John Deere steel plow tempted to expand with a knife and a moldboard to o
Judi Bola Online vercome the problem processing organic soils in America. Animal -drawn equipment began to shrink amount since the discovery of steam powered tractors around 1860.


Tools and Component Operations

Tillage equipment and wheel mounted on the tractor , harvester , trailer and so presents a number of shapes and dimensions. This description should be limited only to the components relating to land directly, and as the plow ( bottom- Plow ) , Chisel . and other tools , including the wheels. The components that are commonly referred to as operational components ( operating tools) . Furthermore , this description will only be limited to operating components that work with constant speed on a horizontal path and is not affected by other operational components work around it.

Land Processing and loading

Soil treatment process involving factors such as tools, equipment and land regulators will look for the device to work on the ground. This process consists of moving and style on land as a result of the work tool at the time. On the ground processing activities there are two processes / events that take place simultaneously or separately namely , cutting / cultivation of land and the loading on the ground. The cultivation process is the process relating to the fragmentation / separation of a mass of soil into soil aggregates smaller jobs such as those generated from piracy , penggaruan and so on . The process of loading is the process of relating
Pulau Pramukato soil properties such as soil strength upward ( soil strength ) as a result of wheel crossings , land rollers and so on .